Supplying Promotional Products in Cairns and Townsville Since 2000

Aussie Branding started in Cairns in 2000 as NQ Promotional Products and gained a reputation in North Queensland for quality products backed by excellent service.

We respect the brand. Clients, branding and integrity.

We partner with our customers for the long term. We provide personalised, customised service solutions. Reliable and dependable, we are your brand ambassadors.

Our Values

Our core values underpin everything we do, every day.

  1. Integrity. With our clients, our team and ourselves.
  2. Respect. Our clients and our team at all times. 
  3. Quality. Service, products and processes. 
  4. Accountability. For actions, tasks and jobs.
  5. Teamwork. With internal and external stakeholders.

Aussie Branding are absolutely committed to providing outstanding customer service and products. We work with clients, suppliers and internal team members to achieve best outcomes.

We are about providing solutions, to exceed your expectations. Products which showcase your brand to its best advantage, building brand value and recognition. We value your custom.

We’re all about positive outcomes.

Our Team

Have an absolute commitment to your satisfaction.

Dan Smith. Is passionate about brands and achieving outstanding customer satisfaction, every time. He believes in integrity and consistency. 
Vanessa Prentice. Is dedicated to delivering the best customer service experience. She listens to your needs and identifies solutions.
Sandra Harding. Manages the process. Makes things happen, when you want it and how you want it.

The Aussie Branding team is capably lead from the front by Dan Smith and Sandra Harding. They are the business owners since 2010. Professional individuals committed to their craft and your brand.

Proud to have many long-term customers. Promise and deliver reliability and consistency in service and product. Success is measured against customer satisfaction. Been in this business since 2010.

Make things happen. Quality and integrity.